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Dear Piano Teacher,

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Here's exactly what you get on the Sheet Music Thumb Drive!

ALL of the sheet music and resources are proven to inspire MORE student practice AND they're studio licensed, so you never have to feel bad about photocopying and distributing the pieces to your students!

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"After playing through the piece - That Fall Feeling - I had to play it again and again!

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Jennifer Foxx Music Educator Resources

"The repertoire is pedagogically sound, and the lead sheets are nicely structured.

 Dr. Kathy Rabago Velocity Music Academy

"I love the piece - Daydreamer! There's philosophy and expression presented with a sense of acomplishment.

Laurel Gibson Let's Make Music

Here's a small sampling of the MANY pieces included on the Sheet Music Thumb Drive:

Here's Exactly What You Get!

PLUS, we'll throw in an extra bonus: 10 of our most popular technical exercises and 10 of our most popular lead sheets! ($80 value!)

  • Scale The Skyscraper
  • Five-Finger Workout
  • Scalleggios 
  • Habanero 
  • Advanced Chord Exercise
  • Acrobatics
  • Bubbles 
  • Hopscotch 
  • Building Blocks 
  • And so many More!!!

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