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Motivational Practice Tips and Resources

In this free workshop, you'll learn tips and resources that you can use to help motivate your students to practice! 

When students hear the word “practice” is there an automatic let down or does the word create more positive feelings? 

Let’s face it; practice is not always a positive experience. It can be hard work! And that is okay because hard work is good for us. 

It allows us to stretch and grow the most. 

But sometimes when students are in the thick of it, they are more apt to throw up their hands instead of digging down deeper.  

So how do we motivate our students? 

In this workshop, Jennifer Foxx of will be sharing proven tips and resources that YOU can use to help motivate YOUR students to practice.

Things to think about before the workshop:

  •  What motivates your students?
  •  Are you giving your students specific practice goals they can go home with?
  •  How do you know if your students are motivated?



Wednesday, July 11, 1:00 PM EST

About Your Presenters:

My name is Jennifer Foxx. 

I started teaching piano lessons when I was just 15 years old. My how times have changed! 

I have been teaching piano for over 25 years now and have learned so much during that time. 

In between those years I studied elementary education. 

I had planned to be a kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade teacher. But ultimately decided I wanted to stay home and teach piano. 

I am super happy with the decision I made as I love teaching piano and having fun with my students!

In addition to teaching, I like to create resources for my students and for other teachers to use with their students.

I enjoy sharing tips and resources that I have found to be helpful for music teachers. 

Teaching can be a huge blessing, so I’m here to provide a community where we can be reminded of this and support each other!

Chris Owenby,

Chris Owenby - Founder & Owner - PracCticeHabits.c

My name is Chris Owenby, your helpful piano teacher professional.  

I’m a composer, music director, and piano teacher among many other things, including my greatest passion – being the best husband I can be to my lovely wife and the best father I can be to our two beautiful little girls.  

I’ve taught piano, voice, music composition, and music theory to students of all ages for over 12 years. 

I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge, passion, and love for music with young people.  

Pouring into others is a wonderful thing! Wouldn’t you agree?  

But you know what? There’s one thing that sticks out as the greatest pain point among us teachers.  

Students not practicing! Maybe you can relate…  

So, I create helpful resources in the form of original piano music, exercises, practice guides, articles, and trainings for teachers just like you! is a resource for you. A trusted and reliable resource that you can depend on for all of the above.  


Wednesday, July 11, 1:00 PM EST