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I Didn't Have Time To Practice!

How to address the “P” word with students and parents without pulling your hair out, losing sleep, strangling students, or giving up!

We're Excited To Welcome Natalie Weber To The PracticeHabits Platform!

After 15 years of teaching, Natalie experienced a shocking discovery about the reality of student practice. 

Find out how that impacted her perspective as a teacher and what she now considers her "operational principle" in dealing with practice-related issues.  

You'll leave this LIVE online training and Q&A with a collection of favorite tips and tools that you can implement right away in your studio to create an environment of inspiration and excellence.  


  •  Practical Ways To Evaluate Your Expectations For Your Students
  •  How To Cast A Vision For Musical Growth
  •  FREE Resources To Help Facilitate Communication With Student And Parents

About Your Presenters:

Natalie Weber, Music Matters Blog

Natalie Weber is founder of the popular, a blog devoted to inspiring creativity in music education. 

Music Matters Blog currently receives over 100,000 visits a month and reaches music educators all over the world. 

She is recognized in the Wikipedia entry on Music Education Bloggers as one “of the greatest catalysts for getting others involved with blogging either as readers, participants, or bloggers themselves.”

Natalie is an advocate for reaching every child and equipping them to be leaders in their generation. 

Natalie is passionate about helping others achieve success in life and enjoys presenting educational workshops for a variety of organizations and individuals.

She and her husband, Julian, founded Identified! Ministries and speak and write together, encouraging others to find their true identity in who God created them to be. 

They and their four children enjoy spending time together, playing games, reading books, taking walks, making music, and sipping on Oreo shakes – Julian’s specialty!

Chris Owenby,

Chris Owenby - Founder & Owner - PracCticeHabits.c

My name is Chris Owenby, your helpful piano teacher professional.  

I’m a composer, music director, and piano teacher among many other things, including my greatest passion – being the best husband I can be to my lovely wife and the best father I can be to our two beautiful little girls.  

I’ve taught piano, voice, music composition, and music theory to students of all ages for over 12 years. 

I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge, passion, and love for music with young people.  

Pouring into others is a wonderful thing! Wouldn’t you agree?  

But you know what? There’s one thing that sticks out as the greatest pain point among us teachers.  

Students not practicing! Maybe you can relate…  

So, I create helpful resources in the form of original piano music, exercises, practice guides, articles, and trainings for teachers just like you! is a resource for you. A trusted and reliable resource that you can depend on for all of the above.