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Halloween is an exciting time for kids of all ages to spend time together dressing up as ghosts, goblins, and Chewbacca from Star Wars (my 3-year-old), while they prance around neighborhoods collecting delicious treats on which they gorge themselves at a later time (within 5 minutes of receiving them).  

Spooky Town is an intermediate piece for solo piano. Rolling arpeggios ascend and crash into strong cadential points, emphasizing the primary chords i, iv, and V7.  

Your students will love the fun and quirky ending.


Pumpkin Serenade is a Halloween themed piece for the intermediate piano student.  

The flowing and expressive RH melody teaches students about the “long line” and the importance of proper phrasing. The chromatic and equally expressive LH ostinato pattern poses a unique fingering challenge.  

I promise that this piece is well worth the effort! Your students are going to love how impressive it makes them sound. Consider programming it for a Fall group piano recital.


This fun Halloween themed piece for the intermediate piano student is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face! Play it with straight or swung eighth notes. The style of “boogie” is totally up to you and your students.  

Skeleton Boogie teaches LH ostinato and helps improve RH finger dexterity. Come on and boogie down with these cool cat skeletons!


The Jack-O’-Lantern is an intermediate piece for solo piano that incorporates musical devices such as ostinato, slur, and staccato.  

This piece challenges students’ coordination between the LH ostinato and the RH minor melody.

Here's what Simone has to say about Skeleton Boogie from the Halloween collection...

Great fun song to play! After playing it one time, you want to repeat and repeat it. Love the syncopation at the intro and the unison at the ending!

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